The History of Money

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I give this book five stars, but due to inflation I should give it twenty five stars.

This book teaches kids about money and how it started. Other children who read this book will learn about things like bartering, borrowing, and inflation. They’ll see how early in time, people used clay tablets to write down I owe you notes and how that became a banking system later. They will learn about how sometimes countries did things to take money from other countries, but then spent it all on imports. This book teaches about how money from one country has a different value than from another country.

I most like that the book says that we now see money as the most important thing, but that it really isn’t. My mom and I talked about things that are important that don’t cost money like happiness, love and family. One of my favorite things to do that doesn’t cost money is to take nature walks. This book teaches that all of the money we think exists doesn’t really and I think that’s okay as long as I have these other things that don’t cost money. I think that this book could teach a lot of people stuff about money even much older people.

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Author Martin Jenkins, Satoshi Kitamura, Illustrator
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 64 pages
Publisher Candlewick
Publish Date 05-Aug-2014
ISBN 9780763667634
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Issue October 2014
Category Children's


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