Axel’s Chain Reaction

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Axel doesn’t like school because he doesn’t like sitting still. He likes to play with his dominoes at home. His teacher tells him to make a sculpture, so Axel makes tons of chain reactions, but two of them don’t work. So he makes another one, but he uses leftovers from the his ruined projects. But when he takes it to school, he causes a big disaster. Then he uses leftovers from all the ruined projects of all the students to make the classroom even better.

I think it is a fun book. I like that it is on the iPad; it is actually just a game and there are tons of things to do, like build your own creature, and watch videos, and you can touch stars that do more things. You can read the book by yourself or it will read to you. I don’t really like the pictures or the voices. The kids are mean to Axel, but he works things out in the end.

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Author Allison Pomenta
Star Count 3/5
Format iPad App
Page Count
Publisher Cubic Jigsaw
Publish Date
Amazon Buy this Book
Issue January 2014
Category Children's


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