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Would your child (age 5-18) be interested in reviewing books for Kids’ BookBuzz? We have many children’s picture books, early reader, teens, and young adult books available.

Throughout the years since starting this program in 2009, we tried a few different methods of managing it, such as teachers running it in their classroom. That didn’t work, because teachers couldn’t figure out how to built reading and writing a book review into their curriculum. So we abandoned that when we weren’t getting the reviews back.

We decided to make the parents accountable for making sure that we received a book review on time. That opened things up to the homeschooling community. Parents started to incorporate the books, and summarizing what their child was reading, into their child’s weekly school work. Word-of-mouth within the homeschooling community spreads like wildfire, so we tend to keep topped up on the number of kids we have reviewing for us.

About once a year, we purge the system of kids who haven’t requested a book in several months and open the program up for new applicants.

Obviously, if you have a child on the younger size, he/she will be dictating what the book was about, and their opinion on the book, to an adult, who will write up the review. If you have an older child, this is a good experience for them to learn how to retain details of a book they just read and provide their opinion on it for others.

Older kids will be able to also select books from our other 30 book categories (such cookbooks, science fiction & fantasy, self-help, pop fiction, historical fiction, etc.)

We strictly protect the privacy and security of your child. We never list last names on their reviews — only their first name and age.

Occasionally, we receive a Sponsored Review order from an author or publicist who is requesting that someone from Kids’ BookBuzz review it. As the point of contact for your child/ren, we’ll email you with that book title to see if your child is interested in reviewing it. If it is assigned to him/her, these reviews have a strict due date that will be communicated to you. Best of all, your child will be paid to review it!

Book reviews are uploaded into our easy-to-navigate online database, so whoever is supervising the child reviewing for KBB needs to be comfortable using that. Unfortunately, we don’t have the time or staff to upload your child’s reviews into the database for you. It’s not hard. Promise.

Here’s what we expect from your child:

Be an active participant in selecting books to review. We understand that school often takes up a lot of time or sports or summer vacations. That’s okay. But if we see that your child hasn’t requested a book in several months, he/she will be removed from the program, because we have a long waiting list of kids wanting to join.

Turn in your book reviews on time. Generally, reviews are due the second Saturday of each month. Each book is assigned an issue (i.e., month). If your child chooses a book with a lot of pages, you may want to choose one due a bit further out. It’s also okay to ask for an extension.

Write the reviews themselves. Yes, the little ones will be dictating to mom or dad, but don’t write the review for them in your words. We expect that these reviews will be a bit more raw. We do very little copy editing on them. And if our copy editor needs something different, it will be a good learning experience for them to do the best they can.

Research the books you or your child are requesting. It is up to the parent to research the books we have available online. Occasionally, we hear from a parent that the book their child received has inappropriate language or topic matter. We don’t ever want your child to read something that does not align with your parenting style, so feel free to notify us and send the book back. We can notate your observations for the next reviewer.

Have fun! This is most important. Your child gets to keep the books we send to him/her. Our goal is to instill a love of reading into them.


Please note that we typically only open up the program to new reviewers about once a year. 


If you’d like to sign up your child for Kids’ BookBuzz, please fill out the form using the button below.

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