Get My Book Reviewed by a Kid

Ever wonder “How do I get my book reviewed?”

You’ve finished your book. It’s been edited and published, and now you’re trying to figure out how to get it to readers.  While starting your marketing campaign usually (should) happens well before your book is finished, getting your first reviews can’t happen until your book is done (more on this later).

Many stores won’t carry a small press or self-published book that doesn’t have reviews from recognizable publications. Your challenge: How do you get someone to pay attention to your book among the hundreds, if not thousands, of books they see every month?

City Book Review, publishers of the San Francisco Book Review, Manhattan Book Review, Seattle Book Review, and Kids’ BookBuzz, all have programs to help you. Kids’ BookBuzz is primarily for kids, tweens, and young adult books, but the other two will take almost any book you have (including children’s books).


So how do you get your book reviewed by Kids’ BookBuzz?

If your book is within 90 days of the release date, you can submit it for general review (no cost). The closer you are to the 90 days, the less of a chance it will have to be reviewed. But you can still start there. We get more than 1,000 books a month, and only review 300 or less, so your chances of getting your book reviewed in this way is less than 33%. But you can give the general submission a try.


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