Peck – A Little Lovebird in a Big Land

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Peck is a lovebird who has come a long way from Australia to Madagascar looking for love. Along the way, he meets friends like Zoltan the zebra and Marky the monkey. Finally, he finds other lovebirds, but some of them aren’t interested in him. He feels sad because he doesn’t have anyone special. Finally, he meets Piper, and they quickly fall in love.
This book is about friendship and love, and that could be good for younger kids and older kids. The illustrations are beautiful. I especially like the colors of the lovebirds and how they are drawn. The scenery is also gorgeous. The last page, where Peck and Piper are together, has a background of a lovely sunset with clouds. Sometimes Peck chirps “chirpity” and “chee,” and it’s nice to hear bird noises and songs. This book is part of a series, and even though I haven’t read the other ones yet I hope to. The message of the book is maybe that even if you have to go a long way to find love, it’s worth it. That’s a good message for anyone.

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Author Remi Nicole
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Remstar Publishing
Publish Date 2019-01-28
ISBN 9780998879130
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Issue June 2019
Category Children's


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