The Mischievians

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It’s about all the Mischievians. Like a lot of Mischievians. They make things disappear like scissors, the car keys, and even homework! The two kids saw a balloon float away and they drank a milkshake. The kids visit a book and Dr. Zooper. They learn that Mischievians are creatures who cause problems. This book tells about creatures who “make mischief, make mayhem, make noise, and make you CRAZY!” Some of the Mischievians are: the Homework Eater, the Crunch Rock Swallow Smarts, the File Sucker, the Dangler, the Lintbellion, and the RemoteToter. The pictures of the different Mischievians are colorful and very creative. My favorite is the Sticky. What are Stickies? They are “found in the stickiest places on Earth” like the “back shelf of a refrigerator” or “any place a baby has been.” I pretended to be a Sticky and told my mommy to battle a Sticky army! It would be fun to play all the Mischievians in this book. I acted like an Itchy and a Sock Stalker. Other kids will like this book because it is unusual and hilarious.

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Author William Joyce
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 56 pages
Publisher Atheneum Books for Young Readers
Publish Date 10/22/2013
ISBN 9781442473478
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Issue January 2014
Category Children's


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