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This book is about a baby polar bear and mama polar bear. In the story, the mama tells the baby how she always takes care of her baby. This book makes me feel sweet and happy. The illustrations are soft and peaceful. There is a lot of white, black, and blue in the colors. There is a black sky in the nighttime with many, many, many stars. The pond is silver and shiny. While I read this book, I wanted to play with my toy polar bear. This book has words that rhyme like “you” and “too” or “down” and “frown.” The baby polar bear and the mama polar bear are smiling, hugging, and playing in the water. My favorite picture is when they are outside at night. I like the part that says, “When you share your hopes and wishes, I’ll keep them safe for you…and promise to do all I can to make those dreams come true.” It reminds me of bedtime when my mommy says, “You are my dream come true.” This mama polar bear will love her baby forever, and my mommy will love me forever. This book has peace. Little and big kids will like this book. I am a big kid, and I do like this book.

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Author Emma Dodd
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 24 pages
Publisher Templar
Publish Date 10/22/2013
ISBN 9780763671327
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Issue January 2014
Category Children's


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