Me Tawk Funny

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This is a cute story about one little dog that bites a robber on the behind and becomes smart.

A dog named Buster bites a robber, who then drops a bottle that he stole from the Whizzo Chemical Research Laboratory. The bottle breaks and Buster drinks up the potion. What sort of potion does he drink? It’s a potion for super intelligence, and it makes Buster so smart that he can talk. Once the story gets going, Buster’s adventures as a super-smart dog are exciting and funny. The characters are lively and the plot is entertaining as Buster helps his owner with homework, and escapes the Government agents trying to take him away from his family.

The moral of this story is friendship–no matter whether you talk, bark, or make some other noise, friends are important.

I recommend this book for readers ages seven to eleven years. And, Buster would be a good main character for a short series because he sounds very scientific, which is funny because Buster is a dog. The series could follow his life as a human-like dog, with titles like “Me Smell Funny,” and “Me Walk Funny.”
I recommend this book if you want a grab a funny, quick read.
Don’t just keep “tawking,” read the book!

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Author Neil Roy McFarlane
Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 23 pages
Publisher Neil Roy McFarlane
Publish Date 10-Feb-2015
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Issue April 2015
Category Children's


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