Gold Rush! (7) (The Oregon Trail)

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This is a choose-your-own-adventure book about how, in 1851, your family is traveling on a wagon train along the Oregon-California Trail. You are headed west to get rich fast by finding gold during the Gold Rush. The goal is to keep your family fed and safe on the long journey out west.

There are twenty-two possible endings to this story but only one way to make it to your destination safely. You have to fight danger and disease to make it all the way. Some examples of dangers included in the book are a herd of bison stampeding towards the wagon train, your family being stuck in the middle of the desert with barely any water, and a rattlesnake that is about to strike!

This book was very adventurous and suspenseful at some points. I liked this book because it was entertaining. I think it would be terrifying to travel west into wilderness. But, reading this book, it was fun to imagine that I was brave enough to make that journey!

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Author Jesse Wiley
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 176 pages
Publisher HMH Books for Young Readers
Publish Date 2019-09-10
ISBN 9780358040576
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Issue January 2020
Category Tweens


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