The Pet War

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Everyone knows that cats and dogs do not get along, and neither do brothers and sisters. So when Lexi wants a cat and Otto wants a dog, the foundations are set, and war is inevitable. Soon both sides are racing for the five hundred dollars to get their desired pet. However, Lexi has always been better at everything than Otto, so it seems impossible for Otto to win. However, Otto cannot live with the thought of a cat, so, he will just have to muster the strength and win the Pet War!

Five stars for this book. Otto’s hilarious narration gives readers a laugh on every page whether it is with Otto for his successes or at him for his misadventures. Animal lovers everywhere will love this book. Delighted readers will especially love the twist ending that is completely unexpected. I am a cat person myself, and I was rooting for Lexi and her hoped-for cat, Fluffernutter. I loved this book. This book made my heart race, for the narrator never reveals how much Lexi was earning, so whenever Otto totaled up his money, I worried that Lexi’s unknown amount of riches had already been succeeded by Otto in the race. I would recommend this book to any animal lover for its fun plotline and humor.

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Author Allan Woodrow
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 272 pages
Publisher Scholastic Press
Publish Date 10/29/2013
ISBN 9780545513197
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Issue January 2014
Category Tweens


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