City Fish Country Fish: How Fish Adapt to Tropical Seas and Cold Oceans

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Different fish live in different parts of the ocean and have to adapt in different ways. This book compares fish that live in the tropics, where the water is warm, to people that live in the city and fish that live in the cold ocean waters to people in the country. The tropical fish live around reefs with lots of other species of fish and animals, and there is lots of diversity, just like in big cities. There are lots of fish in the colder waters, but there are fewer kinds of them. This book is really fun because it compares all sorts of things that are different for these two types of fish, like the amount of food in the water, how the fish get their food, how closely together the animals live, how far they swim, and their ways of avoiding predators and other things they have to do to survive. The photographs are beautiful and show you pictures of lots of different species of fish that live in both places. This is a great book you will enjoy if you want to learn about our beautiful ocean and the fish that live in it!

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Author Mary M. Cerullo • Jeffrey L. Rotman, Photographer
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 40 pages
Publisher Tilbury House Publishers
Publish Date 2017-Mar-28
ISBN 9780884485292
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Issue April 2017
Category Children's


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