Touch the Brightest Star

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With this book, I should have played magic and found out the magic of every night. Every night starts by saying goodbye to the day with a colorful sunset, so after waving goodbye to the day, I could press the firefly twice. Then blowing some breeze with my mouth. I pretended I pat the deer and tap the sky and then I made a wish. I swiped the sky, and when I turned the page a big comet was there. Other stars arrived, and I was able to find very quickly the brightest one. Then I had to find and trace in the sky the picture of the dipper, which is like a spoon made up by several stars put close together in the sky; and then another dipper, smaller than the first. Then I called for the moon and the moon showed up. When I said whoo-woo and I turned the page, there were two owls. Then it was time to go to bed as the pages became darker and darker and came the night which is for sleeping. When I wake up, the day will be bright again.

I really did not like this book much. Tracing the dippers was fun, and looking for the brightest star was fun also. Everything else got me very frustrated because I kept doing things (like blowing, swiping, touching, pushing) and nothing really happened until I turned the page. I found it very boring, it was not fun nor magic. Magic is when you don’t know how things happen. Turning the page is not magic.

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Author Christie Matheson
Star Count 1/5
Format Hard
Page Count 40 pages
Publisher Greenwillow Books
Publish Date 26-May-2015
ISBN 9780062274472
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Issue June 2015
Category Children's


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