The Obsidian Butterfly (The Age of the Seventh Sun Series) (Age of the Seventh Sun, 3) (The Age of the Seventh Sun, 3)

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The eclipse nears, and with it, the age of the Seventh Sun comes to an end. Star demons come from the heavens to wreak havoc on the humans below, and the world will end in a cacophony of blood and starlight.

Mayana and Akhin know they must gather forces to stand against Akhin’s bloodthirsty sister, Metzi, who has taken over his rightful empire with the help of the malevolent goddess called the Obsidian Butterfly. Akhin is reluctant to move against his sister, but Mayana knows they must or the Chicome Empire is doomed…

As the end of the world draws near and the odds seem insurmountable, can Mayana, Akhin, and their friends save the Seventh Sun and stop the Obsidian Butterfly from carrying out her nefarious plot?

This was a beautifully written, extravagant fantasy that hit all the right notes. It had a racing plot line, complex characters, and a storyworld that was as lush as it was dangerous. I was rooting for the main characters throughout the entire book, and the ending was a perfect resolution to a fabulous series. I highly recommend this to anyone who is a fan of intriguing, compelling fantasy!

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