Grunt Life: A Task Force Ombra Novel

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For decades the Cray have watched us. From beyond our reach, from time to time they have sent probes. Now, after carefully planning their every move, they have struck. Task Force Ombra is the only thing that can hold them back.

Staff Sergeant Mason has grown sick of life after hundreds of harrowing experiences. After seeing all his friends die, one by one, he decides it is his time to go. However, his attempt at suicide is foiled when Mr. Pink, the recruiter for the top secret and ultra-elite Task Force Ombra abducts him. This intrusion revives his will to live, as he is thrust into a cataclysmic struggle for humanity against inhuman fiends.

This book was dumb, but I liked it anyway. If the book took itself at face value, I wouldn’t have liked it at all, but the book makes it obvious that it knows how silly it’s being, which I enjoyed. The characters seem fairly generic but the book acknowledged this with barely-concealed glee. The book was very grim and gritty, as per standard military fiction style, but read keeping that tongue-in-cheek sensibility in mind, it was a fun excursion.

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Author Weston Ochse
Star Count 4/5
Format Mass
Page Count 432 pages
Publisher Solaris
Publish Date 29-Apr-2014
ISBN 9781781082010
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Issue July 2014
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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