The Homesick Kitten (Pet Rescue Adventures)

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The Homesick Kitten is a story in the Pet Rescue Adventures series by Holly Webb. In this story, Sammy is a little kitten who lives with his family of Harper, Harper’s sister, their mom, and Harper’s grandma. Sammy loves where he lives and the girls who take care of him. One day, Sammy finds himself at Harper’s grandma’s house, and he isn’t very happy about this. Sammy thinks that everything will go back to normal and be better if he were to go back to his old house. Sammy sets off on an adventure across town to figure out if this will actually make things better or not.
I have read other cat books by Holly Webb and have enjoyed all of them, including The Homesick Kitten. I could understand what was happening in this book and I liked the pictures throughout. I moved a couple of years ago, so I could understand how Sammy was feeling. Sammy’s adventure was exciting, with him meeting different people and animals, and it kept me wondering until the end if Harper was going to find him again! Any kids who like cats and a little mystery are sure to enjoy The Homesick Kitten.

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Author Holly Webb, Sophy Williams
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 128 pages
Publisher Tiger Tales
Publish Date 14-Mar-2023
ISBN 9781664340428
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Issue June 2023
Category Children's