Dino Tracks

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Can you imagine if you find a huge foot print in sand? I would wonder who had this big foot. After reading Dino Tracks every foot print seems fun mystery that I want to revel. I mostly end up finding squirrels tracks or randomly deer tracks but mostly I find my and my brothers’ tracks in my backyard but still it’s fun to be detective. When we were reading this book I felt like we are millions years old forest and looking for dino tracks and imagining what kind of dinosaurs made that tracks and what he would be doing at that time. Books is written in rhymes so I had fun reading book it was like dino poem mystery although I had my mom read book quite a few times before I fully understand it. I loved all kind of dinosaurs pictures in book,they demonstrates what would have happened. My mommy made us guess first and then she read the page and it was kind of fun game to see whether we were right or not and most of the time we were. At the end of the book they have fun facts about dinosaurs which I love like largest dinosaur was as long as four school buses. I love being dino detective after reading this book.

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Author Rhonda Lucas Donald, Cathy Morrison, illustrator
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Sylvan Dell
Publish Date 9/10/2013
ISBN 9781607186311
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Issue January 2014
Category Children's


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