The Glorkian Warrior Delivers a Pizza

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Super Backpack asks what they will do today. The Glorkian Warrior says, “Look at my feet.” They go on some crazy adventure to deliver a pizza. The Glorkian Warrior gets a wrong number. He writes the order upside-down. The order is for a pizza. He takes a pizza from the refrigerator. It is peanut butter and clams, but they ordered pepperoni! They add a steering wheel to the pizza when the thing crashes. Then they add ash for extra flavor. Gonk says it is yummy, yummy. Gonk likes it. (Gonk is a little alien kid in a battle suit.) Gonk lands on his butt and says, “Gonk like spicy.” (He says things like The Hulk.) They meet a baby alien. The only thing she says is “Mama!” They meet a magic robot who’s going to explode. At the end of the adventure, the Glorkian Warrior realizes he has the wrong address. When he looks at it the right way, it’s actually the Glorkian Warrior’s pizza. The pictures and story are awesome! It’s a funny book. My favorite parts are “Look at my feet” and “To the hyper fridge!” I can read it myself. Everybody in the world would like this book.

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Author James Kochalka
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 112 pages
Publisher First Second
Publish Date 3/25/2014
ISBN 9781596439177
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Issue April 2014
Category Early Reader


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