Seven Wonders of the Solar System

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Seven Wonders of the Solar System is an amazing book about the wonders of our solar system. The seven solar-system wonders are based on the seven ancient wonders of our world. The list includes planets, moons, asteroids, and more. In this book, the author pretends that we are going on a trip around space and that we are visiting lots planets and moons. It is really a wonder to know about an ocean on an icy, pink and orangey sky planet that is grander than all of Earth’s oceans combined, and the reason for Saturn’s oval shape instead of the usual sphere. The pictures were unbelievable, or should I say out of this world? The pictures were so good that I felt like I was in this book–I mean in space. My favorite part was when I reached the chapter “Planet Nine.” It’s about an object in space that seemed to be pulling on Uranus and Neptune. The interesting fact about it is that it is not yet discovered, and it is predicted to be outside of Pluto but inside our galaxy. Did you know that Pluto is not the only dwarf planet? There are many more dwarf planets, like Makemake and Ceres. And Saturn is not the only one that has rings–even Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune have rings. Did you know scientists are thinking of sending people to Mars by 2030? Hopefully I might be one of them!! It is an amazing book, and it is suitable for third grade and above. I really like this book because I want to be an astronaut when I grow up. Hello, future space scientists–why are you waiting? Go ahead and enjoy this book!

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Author David A. Aguilar
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 80 pages
Publisher Viking Books for Young Readers
Publish Date 2017-May-30
ISBN 9780451476852
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Issue July 2017
Category Children's


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