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What happens in this book is, there’s a boy who dresses up like a robot and pretends to be a robot. He dresses his dog up as a robot too. They cause a lot of problems, like the boy pokes his dad, he takes the computer from his mother, he stomps on the cars his sister is playing with, and then everybody goes away. The he wishes he was a real robot and he wishes that he had the ingredients for turning into one. And seems he does! He doesn’t know how to make it, so he drinks it, and drinks more and more and more, then he dumps it all over himself. At first nothing happens… but then he turns into a real robot!

I really like this book because he finds a way to play with his family. The book is really funny too and it has a surprising ending that you don’t expect. You will like this book if you like robots or pretending, and especially if you have ever wanted to be a robot!

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Author Adam Rubin, Daniel Salmieri, Illustrator
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 48 pages
Publisher Dial Books
Publish Date 20-Oct-2015
ISBN 9780525428879
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Issue December 2015
Category Children's


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