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Quest is a book about two friends who go on a quest. A king sends them to get all the colors of chalk. They already have red and purple, and the king gave them orange. Now they have to follow the map to get the rest of them. First they go to the underwater kingdom to get the yellow chalk, but the bad guards are after them, but they escape just in time. I discovered in this book that the boy draws the animals, and the girl draws the things. So the boy draws rhinoceroses and dragonflies and squids, and the girl draws a palanquin to ride on the rhinoceros and a swing to the dragonfly, and scuba gear when they go to the underwater sea city. The next place they go to is an abandoned city where they find the green chalk. They also have to find blue. I like this book because of the pictures, and they worked as a team to do the quest. I think it’s cool how it doesn’t have any words, but you just see the pictures and you make up your own story and you tell it in your own words.

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Author Aaron Becker
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 40 pages
Publisher Candlewick
Publish Date 26-Aug-2014
ISBN 9780763665951
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Issue September 2014
Category Children's


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