Polonius the Pit Pony

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Polonius the Pit Pony is a story of how size does not matter if you have courage and a strong will. This story is about a pit pony named Polonius, a trading family, and how Polonius leads the family through a difficult situation to great success.

A pit pony is a pony who goes down into mines and pulls tubs of coal out of the mine. The traveling families were families who lived in homes on wheels and moved from place to place, creating beautiful things that they traded at each place they stopped. They worked very hard and had large horses that they used to help them as they worked. Polonius, the pit pony, decided he wanted to live with the traveling family, and he ran away from the pits to join them, but he was too small to be of much use. Lucretia, a young girl from the traveling family, begged to keep him, and he stayed with her as a pet. One day, the traveling family needed to deliver some stools they had made to the docks because they were shipping the stools to America, but a dense coat of fog came and the big horses were afraid of the mist. They would not pull the cart through the mist because they could not see where they were going. Polonius wasn’t scared because he was used to working in the dark pit, but he was too small to pull the heavy cart. Instead, he guided the big horse, Cushy, through the fog and they made it to the docks in time to deliver the stools.

This story was entertaining historical fiction. It was well written, and I really enjoyed the story and the story’s conclusion. The story teaches us that, big or small, we can overcome our challenges as long as we are brave and never give up. I liked this story because it was about an amazing pony. I recommend this story to big and small children, as it is a good reminder to never give up!

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Author Richard O'Neill • Feronia Parker-thomas, Illustrator
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Childs Play Intl Ltd
Publish Date 2018-Oct-01
ISBN 9781786281869
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Issue January 2019
Category Children's


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