Nine Words Max

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This story is about a young prince who likes to talk and talk a lot. Maximilian reminds me of myself because I like to talk a lot too. Max has 3 brothers and I have 2 brothers so I can relate to that as well. Max’s brothers always tell him to stop talking and that is what my brothers say to me sometimes. Maximilian’s brothers put a spell on him; I hope that doesn’t happen to me too. I didn’t like that part in the story because I was a little worried for Max. My favorite part is when the brothers sit around watching puppet shows all day and Max just talks and talks. I think it is actually smart that Max didn’t want to sit around and watch puppet shows just like my mom doesn’t like me to sit around and watch TV all day either. I loved the illustrations in this book. When my mom read it to me my brother, we were playing “Where’s Max” on each page because Max was always up to something on each page. I really liked this story but I did think it was a little long.

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Author Dan Bar-el, David Huyck, Illustrator
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Tundra Books
Publish Date 22-Apr-2014
ISBN 9781770495623
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Issue July 2014
Category Children's


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