New York Melody

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The book is called New York Melody because New York has a lot of music. The story is about a note that flies around New York City and finds nice melodies. One place that it finds it is in Central Park, in concerts. Then the note disappears to see what else it can find in New York. The note finds Broadway and a jazz club and sneaks through the doors and sees all these great players who are playing different instruments. Then there’s a bass, and the note flies through the holes, then it goes by this big trumpet that has the Empire State Building, and there is also a piano.

The book is very, very delicate and has very beautiful laser cutouts, and you have to be very delicate about touching it. It’s a nice feature that the tissue paper comes with the book. It’s pretty awesome and stuff, but it’s kind of hard to not be rough with it; you have to be delicate. It has a cutout piano that is really amazing in how it looks. It makes me want to play this piano because I know how to play the piano. The author wanted to be different and make an amazing, cool book; that’s why she did the laser cutouts. I would give this book five stars because it’s an amazing work of art and I can’t wait to tell the author about this. So I would really recommend this book if you’re really into New York and notes and music. It’s an awesome book. And I would recommend this book to artists and people who play instruments.

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Author Hélène Druvert
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 36 pages
Publisher Thames & Hudson
Publish Date 2018-Oct-02
ISBN 9780500651735
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Issue January 2019
Category Children's


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