Monster Goose Nursery Rhymes

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I like this book because it takes very familiar Mother Goose nursery rhymes and turns them into Monster Goose nursery rhymes! For instance, there is one called “Eeny Meeny Tiny? No!” where you catch an Ettin by the toe, instead of a tiger. In another, “Hey Doblin, Doblin,” there is a gnome, a goblin, a centaur, and a minotaur, and the imp runs away with a faun. Mary takes a hippogriff to school, not a lamb; and the eensy weensy brownie climbs up the palisade—that’s my favorite. The rhymes are all really fun, and the pictures are too. The pictures are kind of choppy, very straight with lots of straight lines, and the colors are dark and bright. They are more fun than scary, and they show the different monsters. They are not really meant to be scary. The creepiest one is probably “Zombie Rotten, Quite Forgotten,” but the zombie just looks more confused than anything. It’s funny. People who like monsters will love this book, and so will people who like nursery rhymes.

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Author Henry Herz, Josh Herz, Harrison Herz
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Pelican Publishing Company
Publish Date 20-Jan-2015
ISBN 9781455620326
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Issue April 2015
Category Children's


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