Elizabeth, Queen of the Seas

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Elizabeth, Queen of the Seas is about an elephant seal who wants to live in a strange place for a seal. It isn’t in the salt water ocean, like most seals, but in the river of a busy city. She likes to lay in the city’s streets too, which isn’t safe for her or for the people driving around her. When she almost causes an accident, the people decide to take her far out to sea to be with other elephant seals. But she finds her way back to the same river and city after just a short time! People were happy to see her but she laid in the road again. So she is taken even further away but after a long time this time she still comes back. The people of the city decide to let her stay this time so they had street signs made to help keep her safe.

I think Elizabeth was a smart seal to be able to find her way back from really far away but she wasn’t so smart for laying in the road. I would’ve liked to live in that city to be able to see her every day. I’m glad that the people of the city eventually let her stay. It seems that she really liked it there. I enjoyed reading Elizabeth, Queen of the Seas because I really like sea creatures and because the story is interesting. I liked seeing the actual picture of Elizabeth, too.

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Author Lynne Cox, Brian Floca, Illustrator
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 48 pages
Publisher Schwartz & Wade
Publish Date 13-May-2014
ISBN 9780375858888
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Issue August 2014
Category Children's


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