Coyote’s Soundbite: A Poem for Our Planet

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There’s a giant conference about to happen, and Coyote wants to go! There’s only one problem: only females are allowed! At the last second, Coyote decides to put on his wife’s blue dress. Everyone thinks he is a lady, and so Coyote gets a seat. First, Darana speaks about sprouting the very first grub. Then, Oduduwa, speaks about growing the first kola nut. After that, more goddesses come, telling what they do and why they are sad that nature is disappearing. When Coyote suggests having “Earth Lovers of the world unite! Mother Nature is always right!” as a soundbite, the animals think it’s an awesome idea. Coyote goes home to find his wife in his three-piece tweed suit. What has his wife been up to?

I liked the rhyming in this book. I also liked the ending, where the coyote finds out what his wife has been doing while he was at the female conference. The illustrations were unique and pleasing. If you enjoy poems and nature then you will like this book. I hope this encourages people to be more careful about Earth.

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Author John Agard
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 40 pages
Publisher Lantana Publishing
Publish Date 2021-Apr-06
ISBN 9781911373735
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Issue August 2021
Category Children's


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