A Rainy Day with Hedgehog and Rabbit

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A Rainy Day with Hedgehog and Rabbit was a funny book. The part of the book I liked the most was when a drop of water landed on Rabbit’s ear and a drop of water landed on Hedgehog’s nose, and they thought someone threw water at them, but it was just the rain. At first, I didn’t know why Hedgehog and Rabbit didn’t know it was raining and no one threw water at them, but when I talked to my mom, we said it might be their first rainy day. Then, I thought about if it was my first day seeing rain. I would be weirded out like they were and probably scared just like Rabbit. If it was my first-day seeing rain, I would probably laugh like Hedgehog if it landed in my mouth too. I wouldn’t know if the rain was someone throwing water at me either, so this book made me think about how Hedgehog and Rabbit felt and thought when they saw rain for the first time. I can’t remember the first day I saw rain. Hedgehog and Rabbit were funny characters because they didn’t know what rain was. This is a good book for kids that are my age (seven years old) and under.

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Author Pablo Albo • GÓMEZ, Illustrator
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 36 pages
Publisher NubeOcho
Publish Date 2019-04-30
ISBN 9788494655197
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Issue May 2019
Category Children's


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