Weird World War III

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Weird World War III is a series of stories about this future “World War Three”. In the first two chapters, we don’t know if they are apart of World War III but context clues allow us to infer that these characters are apart of the war in every chapter. These stories are also realistic even though these events take place in the future.

There are multiple stories contained in this book. Each story introduces the reader to different characters and stories. Due to this factor, it’s very hard to understand and learn about every character that appears in every story. Although some of the chapters were intriguing or interesting to read.

Most of the stories that were written were short. The reader won’t be able to understand the characters that were used but have to understand the plot instead. Although we won’t be able to understand the character well the plot or event in each story is very interesting. Since this takes place in the future and war is involved we get to see the many strategies used, new technology being used, competition between countries, NATO, and so on.

This book is very interesting but it may be confusing or the plot may be dull to many viewers of readers. Those who aren’t engaged in politics, a slice of life, or some action. This book may be a waste of time. I would normally recommend this book to those who are older and who are drawn to science fiction.

This was a great book, each story was interesting since each event may even happen in the future (if there was a war). I wasn’t able to understand the character that appeared well, which was a bummer. I was mostly interested in the events that lead to this war.

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Author Sean Patrick Hazlett
Star Count 3/5
Format Trade
Page Count 304 pages
Publisher Baen
Publish Date 06-Oct-2020
ISBN 9781982124915
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Issue January 2021
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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