War of Wings

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Since time immemorial, angels have lived in Heaven, each seeking to become as close to God as he can, to learn God’s will and more easily speak to Him. Lucifer, the highest of the cherubim, seeks not only to be closer to God, but to be on God’s level, to be His equal in all things. When God announces that He has chosen a Son, Lucifer flies into a rage, because he is not God’s favorite. In fury, Lucifer leaves Heaven and begins his quest to bring down Heaven and expose God for the liar Lucifer believes he is. Gabriel, a lowly archangel, is stunned when the angel of the virtue Humility notices him. Eager to earn her affection and praise, he is forced to choose between Humility’s new master, Lucifer, and the God he knows and loves.

This book provides an interesting perspective on some of the less-well known aspects of conflict between Lucifer and God, which I feel helps me better understand the individuals and their motives. The angels seemed quite shallow for divine, immortal beings, and frequently used slang, which seemed an unacceptable break from their usual tone. However, on the whole I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

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Author Tanner McElroy
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 384 pages
Publisher Brown Books Publishing Group
Publish Date 21-Mar-2014
ISBN 9781612541549
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Issue July 2014
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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