Travels with Zozo…under the Moonbow

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Travels with Zozo…under the Moonbow is the story of a little bunny named Zozo who went on vacation with her family. The family took a plane and saw a big waterfall called “The Smoke that Thunders!” The waterfall was massive and very loud and located in Zambia. When the family got off the plane and was walking, some baboons took some of the stuff that they were holding! The family was sad because they had taken some cool pictures by the waterfall earlier in the day and they thought they were gone forever with the camera.

Zozo wondered if they would ever get their stuff back when she heard someone say they would help her. At first, she didn’t know who was talking, but then she figured out that it was elephants. They told her to meet them outside at a certain time and they would take her where their stuff was. When the family left the hotel to replace their old stuff, Zozo met the elephants, who took her to the place where their stuff was. When she got there, she saw so much stuff from other people, but she was able to find the camera with the pictures! While there, the elephants and the animals showed her the other reason they brought her there: a secret of the waterfall that not everyone gets to see.

I liked reading Travels with Zozo because the story was exciting when the family went to a new place and saw a cool thing like the waterfall. It was also exciting when the baboons showed up and took their stuff because that isn’t how all baboons act. One thing I might have liked to see differently in the story would be the ending—I would like to have seen Zozo giving the camera back to the family and have seen their reaction and then they go home instead of it ending just after getting the camera back.

I think the story overall was a good length, but if the ending had an extra page or two then that would have been fine, too. The story was easy for me to understand; there were no confusing parts or words, and I could read it on my own. This story is the fifth book in the adventures of Zozo but it was my first adventure with her. I would enjoy reading the other books and any future ones in the series because it kept my attention and had a fun story with Zozo and her animal friends.

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Author A.J. Atlas
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Hardcover
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher ImaginOn Books
Publish Date 01-Jan-2023
ISBN 9781954405059
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Issue October 2022
Category Children's