The Worlds Traveler

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Natalie and Philip are two of the few people with Gifts – exceptional powers – left in the world. Natalie can strengthen and take on other people’s powers, and Philip can travel anywhere on his map. Philip and Natalie are in hiding from the Reimers, who are trying to take the Gifts and use them for themselves. One day they meet a man named Delroy, who can travel into hidden worlds. Philip’s actions force Delroy to take them into these worlds to search for Philip’s father. Delroy takes them to several different worlds and eventually they find his father, only to discover that he has been eaten by a monster. But he is still alive.

It was very exciting to read this book. There was a lot of suspense and it was fascinating to read about how the children used their powers to help them through tough circumstances. But their powers were what were putting them into those difficult situations in the first place and the powers weren’t strong enough to solve every problem – the children had to think and be brave and also needed help from those around them. The great ending makes me excited for the next book!

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Author M.L. Roble
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 260 pages
Publisher M.L. Roble
Publish Date 01-Dec-2015
ISBN 9780988421349
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Issue June 2016
Category Tweens


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