The Plant-Based Family Cookbook: 60 Easy & Nutritious Vegan Meals Kids Will Love!

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The Plant-Based Family Cookbook is a marvelous addition to any vegan family. The instructions are easy to follow, and the images of the finished dishes help you choose which recipe to cook that night.

This book is well-organized and useful, but it has a few drawbacks. It expects the cook to know basic cooking techniques, and a number of the sixty recipes are unhealthy. It does not mention the best brands of vegan butter and other vegan items. Numerous recipes involve expensive or hard-to-find ingredients, so not every recipe is good for everyday consumption. The recipes are not all typical, so they are less likely to be devoured by a young one.

However, The Plant-Based Family Cookbook offers some truly ingenious foods that can make any vegan family happy. One such dish, Quick Chocolate Orange Pots, is a perfect snack food or lunch component made from silken tofu! Every library needs a copy of this book, and vegan families who need one more cookbook on the shelves could use one. If you are vegan or even just vegetarian, The Plant-Based Family Cookbook is an invaluable addition to your kitchen.

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Author Claire Swift
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 176 pages
Publisher Page Street Publishing
Publish Date 21-Dec-2021
ISBN 9781645674245
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Issue March 2022
Category Cooking, Food & Wine