Jinx’s Magic

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There’s this boy, named Jinx, and he is a magician as well as a Listener, which is what Urwald, his country, calls someone who can talk to trees. Everybody doesn’t really notice him and soon grows to not like him, because they think he is very powerful and can turn things into other things, but it isn’t really him doing that; he is using Urwald’s life force. He has a friend named Reven, who isn’t very nice, and a friend named Elfwyn, who is nice but has a curse on her that she always has to tell the truth or what she has heard is the truth. There is a Bonemaster, who is trying to take over the land and conquer it; Jinx and his friends have to try and stop him before he kills everyone and destroys the world.

This book had some kind of scary parts, but most of it was kind of funny. Jinx was pretty likeable, and I liked the way he came up with solutions and made his friends understand what he wanted to do. It had a lot of action; Jinx hardly ever rests. Sometimes this book was hard to read, but I really liked the story.

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Author Sage Blackwood
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 300 pages
Publisher Katherine Tegen Books
Publish Date 1/7/2014
ISBN 9780062129932
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Issue January 2014
Category Tweens


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