The Naughty List

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Hi, my name is Faith. And I have been reading The Naughty List for 6 days. This book is about a girl named Roberta. But everyone calls Bobbie. Anyway, she is trying to get her brother off the naughty list. Her brother’s name is Tad. So she sets of for an adventure with her Uncle Dale. She and Uncle Dale have to make things right again and save Christmas. But first, they need to defeat the watcher. He was watching, but not seeing. He listed every kid in the world as naughty. Except Bobbie. She was the last nice kid in the world. She hacked into the watcher’s computer to take her family off the naughty list.

My favorite part in the book was when Phil gave Gumdrop a wedgie. That was funny. Also, my favorite character is Bobbie, even though her favorite color is black. One time, she fell off the roof. Bobbie fell off the roof because of Zombie Santa. He creeps her out. Zombie Santa came off the roof, but he didn’t go alone. That’s how Bobbie broke her arm. And that’s how she got a pink cast.

If you want to find out what else happens, you just have to read The Naughty List for yourself.

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Author Michael Fry, Bradley Jackson, Michael Fry, Illustrator
Star Count 3/5
Format Hard
Page Count 240 pages
Publisher HarperCollins
Publish Date 22-Sep-2015
ISBN 9780062354754
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Issue October 2015
Category Tweens


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