The Monster Realm

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Lanodeka is a world made by monsters. When Lillian’s older sister, Bluebell, disappears, Lillian goes on the adventure of her life to find Bluebell! Two years after Bluebell vanishes, it is her birthday, and Lillian and her friends, Katy and Maisy, decide to look for her. At the beach, they meet a boy named Jack, who says he can show them the way to Bluebell. They started their journey by going underwater on stairs with walls that kept water out but didn’t keep them from passing through it! There was a dome, an elevator, a path with lava on the sides, and there was a giant robot that attacked them. Then there was a chamber where they battled Medusa and then went through a tunnel. After that, they crossed a large body of water. They found sirens leaping in and out of the water. Suddenly, a Kraken burst up and out of the water. The sirens helped save the girls and Jack. They made it to land safely, but this was no normal land! The girls and Jack started walking through the forest. Later in the day, the girls ate some glowing fruit, and Jack told the story of Lanodeka’s beginning. When the story was done, they all kept on going into the forest. This is where they met a dryad named Anemone. Anemone told them that Bluebell had gone back home, but this was a lie! They decide to keep going on into the forest. Their adventure leads them to a chimera, wood elves, a roc, carnivorous flowers, a griffin, and so much more! Can the girls find Bluebell? Can they get home safely? Gotta read it if you want to know!

I loved this book, because the author was so creative. The only thing I can think of to make this book better would be if there were bigger illustrations for the chapters. I would have liked to have seen a picture of the sirens, the orc, the chimera, and the other mythological characters. This is a good book for kids who like monsters and mythology. I can’t wait for the next book!

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Author Nara Duffie
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 257 pages
Publisher Roam and Ramble
Publish Date 19-May-2014
ISBN 9780984934683
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Issue November 2014
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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