The Inconceivable Adventures of Cabbage Boy: The Battle for Prico Hill

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The Inconceivable Adventures of Cabbage Boy: The Battle for Prico Hill is about a boy who is a superhero trying to hide his true identity. That didn’t go too well. Here’s how it all got started…

Jono told his friends, Darren, Alvin, Norman, and Ralph to meet him at Prico Hill at 4:00. When they got there, Rotten Randy was at the hill, too. Jono decided to challenge Randy and his gang. The longest jump over the pit wins, and the loser goes home. Darren and a boy named Beener, from Randy’s gang, went first. Their bikes were neck and neck. Then Beener’s elbow hit Darren’s arm. Darren made it across the pit but he landed kind of awkwardly.

Dwight and Jono went next. Dwight tried to do what Beener did, but Jono saw it coming and was ready for it. He grabbed Dwight’s elbow instead. Dwight was knocked over completely. Jono had a perfect landing.

Then it was Ralph and Randy’s turn. While they were in the air, Randy started falling. He tried to make Ralph fall with him. All of a sudden, Ralph farted so hard that his bike was pushed another 20 feet forward. He and his friends won the challenge. Because Rotten Randy and his gang lost, they had to leave Prico Hill.

The next day at school, Ralph found out that his friend Ronnie would be coming back as a student. Ronnie and Ralph were really good friends, but they hadn’t talked to each other since she left.

One day, Ralph saw Rotten Randy blow his stinky breath in Ronnie’s face. That made her puke. Ralph ran away so he could change his clothes and come back as Cabbage Boy and fight Randy. During the fight, Cabbage Boy got distracted and ended up with Rotten Randy puking cabbage breath all over him. Another hero came to his rescue, but he didn’t get to see who it was.

Later in school, Mr. Olafson, the science teacher, helped Ralph create a super powerful breath mint. He said “It is so powerful that its mintiness could affect someone’s brain – possibly causing memory loss.” Ralph, of course, never told his teacher why he needed it.

After school, Ralph decided to go to the clubhouse. Ronnie was there, too. Just when he was going to reveal his true identity to her, Rotten Randy came back for another attack. He held Ralph in a bear hug he couldn’t escape and knocked Ronnie down. There was no way he could change into Cabbage Boy! He did the next best thing. He told Ronnie to pull his finger. She thought it was weird but did it anyway. Ralph farted so hard he cracked the ground. He blasted Rotten Randy with a big fart and that allowed them to run away. Ralph decided it was time for him to get serious and start training. Rotten Randy knew that he was Cabbage Boy and that made it dangerous for Ralph’s family. He trained for three hours at Prico Hill. Then, guess who shows up ready for another fight?

To find out what happens next, get your own copy of The Inconceivable Adventures of Cabbage Boy: The Battle for Prico Hill. This is a great book because it’s funny and adventurous. It’s perfect for kids who like puke, farts, and stinky diaper bombs. I rate this book 5 stars!

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Author Steven London
Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 72 pages
Publisher FriesenPress
Publish Date 02-Dec-2014
ISBN 9781460259245
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Issue January 2016
Category Children's


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