The Griffin and the Dinosaur

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Adrienne was a girl who wanted to be an archaeologist. When she grew up, she decided she wanted to find out what led people to think that griffins actually existed. She found out that many mythical creatures were made up because people saw dinosaur fossils and thought they were like a griffin or a cyclops, when they were really just dinosaurs. She read a lot of books about the animals, and she went to lots of places that were said to have been near the time of the extinction of the mythical animal. She found out that the griffin was made up because of a dinosaur called the protoceratops. Adrienne found out that the cyclops was made up because of the skull of a mammoth. It was interesting to read about how Adrienne solved all these mysteries that no one was able to solve for a long time. I expected it to be a picture book, like about griffins and dinosaurs; I didn’t expect it to be a story about a girl who became an archaeologist, but I thought it was fun that it was about her instead. I like this book because it was fun to read and very informative. It also entertained you. It is not a very thick book but it takes a while to read because there is a lot of information on the pages.

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Author Marc Aronson
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 48 pages
Publisher National Geographic Children’s Books
Publish Date 08-Apr-2014
ISBN 9781426311086
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Issue May 2014
Category Children's


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