The Chalk Rainbow

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Chalk Rainbow is about a little boy named Zane who is different from other kids. He has a secret language, he likes to line things up, and he doesn’t like the color black. Zane won’t even walk on things that are black, like the paved road. Zane has a sister who really wants to help her brother, so she starts drawing chalk rainbows across the roadways so that Zane can walk on them. His sister draws chalk rainbows all over town to help her brother.

I absolutely loved Chalk Rainbow, and I have read it more than five times since I got it. I love the story and how a sister is trying to help her brother who has autism. Zane’s parents get upset when Zane won’t walk on the road, but his sister takes the time to draw the chalk rainbows to help him. Zane’s sister really loves him, even though he is different. The illustrations were amazing. They were colorful and fun to look at. The illustrations of Zane’s face help show how he is feeling, like being happy while lining things up or throwing a tantrum under the table when there is black food. I would recommend Chalk Rainbow to classrooms or families who have a child who is autistic.

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Author Deborah Kelly • Gwynneth Jones, Illustrator
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher EK Books
Publish Date 2017-Jul-03
ISBN 9781925335453
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Issue January 2018
Category Children's


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