Stick Cat: Cats in the City

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I think that Stick Cat: Cats in the City is an amazing and funny book. It is the second book in the Stick Cat series. It is about a cat named Stick Cat and his best friend Edith. In this adventure, Edith shows Stick Cat a bagel place. She tells him to watch the lady who was making the bagels. As she was mixing and the batter got thicker and thicker, she accidentally slipped and fell into the giant container with the batter! Stick Cat tried to tell Edith, but it wasn’t until he told her they could get a reward that she cared. Together, they went to save the lady (who’s name is Hazel, by the way). They slid down a zipline and used a sign and a hose to save Hazel. Then they used a creative way to get back home. In the end, Edith, in all her vanity, still thought everything they did was her idea, even though it was mostly Stick Cat. I really loved this book. There were so many funny moments that I couldn’t help but laugh! I also love how the two main characters are polar opposites: Stick Cat is more down-to-earth, rational, and clever, while Edith is more spoiled, risk-taking, vain, and (no offense) not as bright. That made the book a lot more interesting. Overall, it was a great book, and I recommend it for ages seven to twelve.

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Author Tom Watson
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 224 pages
Publisher HarperCollins
Publish Date 2017-Apr-25
ISBN 9780062411020
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Issue June 2017
Category Tweens


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