Rivers of Sunlight: How the Sun Moves Water Around the Earth

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This is a really cool non-fiction book with a bunch of information. I really like it because it’s from the sun’s point of view. It’s about what the sun does to keep water moving around the Earth. It talks about how water moves from the oceans to the clouds and back again with evaporation, how plants use water to grow new plants and feed everything on Earth, and even how there are man-made waterways. Water cycles through your body, through the ocean, and even through the air. The illustrations are awesome because usually people just put a solid color for water, but here the currents are wavy lines and the water vapor is dots. Also, there’s a person exploring the water cycle on every page.

There’s a really cool page that I like where it shows the Earth next to all of the oceans’ salt water rolled into a ball. This way you can compare the sizes and see that the oceans really aren’t that deep. It does the same with fresh water and available fresh water so you can see how much drinking water there really is. On another page, there is a map where The Ocean Conveyor Belt and The Gulf Stream join and separate and rejoin in all of the oceans of the world. I like seeing where it looks like they cross paths, but one is on the ocean floor and one is on the surface. At the end of the book, the sun says it will always keep shining and keep water flowing and that we need to use water sparingly. I like the idea that the water cycle will keep moving forever. If you want to learn about the water cycle, evaporation, and ocean currents, then you need this book.

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Author Molly Bang • Penny Chisholm
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 48 pages
Publisher The Blue Sky Press
Publish Date 2017-Jan-31
ISBN 9780545805414
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Issue March 2017
Category Children's


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