Ra the Mighty: Cat Detective

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Ra is Pharaoh’s dignified, beloved, and practically worshipped pet cat (not to mention lazy, spoiled, and full of himself). He would rather eat fancy snacks and nap in his private courtyard than solve a mystery. But when a servant girl is falsely accused of the theft of a priceless treasure, Ra’s scarab beetle pal Khepri insists that they find the real culprit.

I think this book awesome! It is unique, funny, and educational. It is unique because not many fictional books are set in ancient Egypt. It is funny because Ra and Khepri’s personalities are so different. And it is educational because the author’s note has lots of facts, so I think fans of ancient Egypt will like it. There are a lot of characters, so it also has a guide to names and a pronunciation guide. I think older kids would like this book, but younger kids too because there is not any creepy stuff like mummies or curses. If you like Egypt, cats, and mystery, you’ll be sure to love this book.

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Author A. B. Greenfield • Sarah Horne, Illustrator
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 224 pages
Publisher Holiday House
Publish Date 2018-09-18
ISBN 9780823440276
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Issue Mar-19
Category Tweens


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