Princess Pistachio Treasury

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In Princess Pistachio, Princess Pistachio thought she was a princess because her grandpa said she was a princess because he loved her so much. So that’s why she thought she was a princess, but she wasn’t really, and she told her little sister, Penny, that she wasn’t a princess. She said that because Penny did worse things than she did and stole her swimming clothes without even asking. Pistachio was really really mad about that. Penny disappeared because she might be mad or sad because Pistachio called her names like “bird brain,” so she went and slept in the shed with the dog and the whole town was looking for her. Princess Pistachio found Penny in the end.

In Princess Pistachio Pest, my favorite part of the book was when Penny got her sister in trouble because it was really funny that instead of getting herself in trouble, Penny got Pistachio got in trouble because Pistachio’s older. Mom wanted Pistachio to take sister to the park. So on the way there, Penny kept making Pistachio get in trouble, so Pistachio had to get them both out of trouble, which was a hard job until they got to the park. And then the little sister went into the fountain to grab money and got in trouble with manager and had to go home.

In Princess Pistachio and Maurice the Magnificent, my favorite part was when they did something funny on stage when they did not practice. Like when the dog was behind the curtains and Pistachio said, “Dog, dog, come here,” but he didn’t come. She opened the curtain and Dog was sleeping. Dog became famous. Madeline stole the dog and left a note and wanted Pistachio to pay $5 to get back the dog. Madeline was jealous of Dog, so she stole Dog. That dog was famous. They all became best friends again.

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Author Marie-Louise Gay • Marie-Louise Gay, Illustrator
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 152 pages
Publisher Pajama Press
Publish Date 2018-Oct-12
ISBN 9781772780482
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Issue January 2019
Category Tweens


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