Perfect Lies (Mind Games)

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Perfect Lies by Kiersten White is an okay book. The story is a little shaky and it makes absolutely no sense unless you have read the first book, making it highly inconvenient for new readers who have never heard of the series. Although these negative points take out a huge bite of a positive rating, the action and suspense really fill up the book. The drama is good and it’s really not that bad of a book if you read the first one.

The words have no real descriptive feeling and this is more of an entertainment for people who like thrills and kicks and mystery but for the reader who just wants a nice relaxing book without a jumble, good luck with this book. This book is more like a movie than a book. It has no real descriptive words, the story isn’t very clear, and it just isn’t right for the average reader. This book would really not be recommended by me and I am pretty disappointed in this book. If anything, this book would be recommended for ages 11-14

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Author Kiersten White
Star Count 2.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 240 pages
Publisher HarperTeen 
Publish Date 2/18/2014
ISBN 9780062135841
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Issue April 2014
Category Young Adult


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