Battle Lines: A Department 19 Novel (Department Nineteen)

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Department Nineteen is in shambles after it was attacked by a horde of super-powered vampires. Protagonist Jamie is assigned to a new squad, where he is forced to train a handful of raw recruits. The director of Blacklight is missing, the newly-formed intelligence division is under attack from the inside, and Jamie’s girlfriend has been reassigned to Arizona. Jamie is now in charge of hunting out and destroying a new horde of vampires and preventing the secret of Blacklight from leaking out, before Dracula rises again.

This book was fine, although the characters seem somewhat bland, as there was not much time to develop them. They also seemed a little foolish: why use your automated stake thrower, when everyone has a standard-issue super-powered laser cannon that can destroy a vampire in a single shot? However, the plot moves swiftly and the action was intense and gripping. I liked this Albert Harker; he was a realistic antagonist and I felt the author portrayed him well. I do not feel it was quite as well-written as the second book, but it was still an entertaining addition to the series.

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Author Will Hill
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 608 pages
Publisher Razorbill
Publish Date 8/29/2013
ISBN 9781595144089
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Issue January 2014
Category Young Adult


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