National Geographic Kids Chapters: Lucky Leopards (paper original)

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Lucky Leopards has stories about three sets of animals: two clouded leopards, a sea turtle, and a loon. The two clouded leopards – both males – were stranded in the jungle because they were sleeping in a tree while their mom was out hunting. A woodcutter came by and chopped down their tree. He was surprised when two little furballs bounced out. The woodcutter brought them back to his house and handed them over to the Wildlife Trust of India who eventually released them back into the wild. The sea turtle had an injured eye and washed up on shore. He was rescued and cared for and eventually brought to Sea World in San Diego. The loon was found tangled up in fishing line. He was rescued by people including the authors of the book. They immediately released him. When they came back a few days later, they found him with his family.

This book about rescuing animals and they all end up with good endings. It is written well, has some pictures, and interesting facts about these animals. I think this is a good book for people 7 to 10.

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Author Newman, Aline Alexander
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 112 pages
Publisher National Geographic Children’s Books
Publish Date 11-Feb-2014
ISBN 9781426314575
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Issue June 2014
Category Tweens


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