Life by Committee

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In this book, Tabitha (or Tab) has a serious problem. She likes someone else’s boyfriend! Sasha Cotton hates Tab because she likes Joe and Tab likes Joe. Sasha has some problems, she cries a lot and she sounds weird. She is very emotional. Joe always goes to Sasha’s house to calm her down, but he also likes Tab. Then Tab finds Life By Committee (LBC). The rules are simple, you tell LBC a secret and they give you an assignment. If you don’t complete the assignment in the time they give you, they tell your secret to everyone else. Everyone on LBC has to have a fake name and a picture of their feet. Tab completes many assignments. She loves getting books and reading the notes some people leave. When she finds out that Sasha is also on LBC and that she was the one that took the notes in the book that Tab is looking at, Tab gives her the book back. This starts a long relationship. I really liked this book because it was just plain interesting. My favorite parts were when Tab does her assignments. If you are between the ages 10 and 13 you would like this book a lot. Almost as much as I like it!

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Author Haydu, Corey Ann
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 304 pages
Publisher Katherine Tegen Books
Publish Date 5/13/2014
ISBN 9780062294050
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Issue June 2014
Category Young Adult


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