Kid Beowulf: The Blood-Bound Oath

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The prologue is the original story of Beowulf, written as a poem. The whole book is a graphic novel. It’s a new story of Beowulf. Hrothgar makes a blood oath with a dragon. Hrothgar sees the future. He doesn’t do what he is supposed to do. When he has a daughter, she’s part dragon. Her name is Gertrude. Gertrude asks the dragon to make her human so Edgetho will like her. It works. Gertrude has twins: Beowulf, a human, and Grendel, a monster. Hrothgar and the dragon fight over Beowulf. The dragon breathes fire, and the boat burns down. Edgetho becomes a fire ghost. Beowulf floats away on a plank. Gertrude thinks Beowulf is not alive. Grendel stays with Gertrude. When they are kids, Beowulf and Grendel both get captured and are told to fight. Will the twins kill each other? Read the book to find out.

This book is everything–exciting, sad, happy, and very, very funny. Grendel is my favorite character. I don’t like Hrothgar. He is a horrible guy. I have a lot of favorite parts. My favorite favorite part is when the dragon cooks food for Gertrude with his fire. This book is good for everybody. There’s “more to explore” in the book. It tells you how to pronounce the names, how to draw things, etc. I’ll read more books in this series.

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Author Alexis E. Fajardo
Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 240 pages
Publisher Andrew McMeel Publishing
Publish Date 2016-Aug-02
ISBN 9781449475895
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Issue December 2016
Category Tweens


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