Jacob’s New Dress

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Jacob likes to wear dresses. His friend at school, Emily, is okay with this. People at school tease him, though. Whenever his mom asks him how school went, Jacob tells her that Christopher, a boy in his class, did something mean. Jacob went to school wearing an outfit called a “dress-thing” the next day. Emily liked the dress-thing, but Christopher stole it from Jacob. This made Jacob sad. He wanted to make a real dress. So Jacob and his mom made a purple and white dress for him to wear. Jacob showed it to his dad, and his dad liked it. The dress matched the colors in Emily’s outfit! Christopher asked why Jacob wore dresses. His teacher explained that Jacob wore what made him comfortable.

This book explains about gender-nonconforming children. These are kids who may want to wear or do things that the opposite gender wears or does. It is based on a real kid named Sam who liked all things that were pink, wore dresses, and had long hair when he was young. I would recommend this book to kids who just like to do things differently. I liked this book because it was good at explaining why some kids are different.

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Author Sarah Hoffman, Ian Hoffman, Chris Case, illustrator
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Albert Whitman & Co.
Publish Date 3/1/2014
ISBN 9780807563731
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Issue May 2014
Category Children's


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