Jackie, The Adventures of a Little Boy Trying to Grow Up.

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Jackie is a little boy who always has big ideas and has many adventures. He grew up in Niagara Falls, Canada, in the 1930s and 1940s. One of his first adventures was when he put on a show for his parents and his oldest brother, Eric. The show was of him being a king, and having a coronation, because he had just heard about the new king of England. Another one of his more social experiences was his first day of going to school. He was very excited about it, and his siblings were jealous that he got the nicest teacher in the school. As he continued to get older, he also had lots of fun with his older brother Armie. One winter he and their friends made a huge snow castle and had a snow fight with Jackie’s older sister and her friends. Jackie went on hikes with the Boy Scouts and had to go across a very slim ledge; another time he jumped off a twenty-foot ledge into a thick pile of snow.

I think just about everyone will like this book. It is full of exciting adventures that sound like a lot of fun, but they are very unique because they are not things that you would come across every day. Jackie and his friends did almost everything they wanted to and had a very exciting childhood that is very different from now. When you read it, you feel like you are there watching Jackie and joining in with his friends, and you can feel how he feels. For example, the worst things that happened to him were being stuck on a ten-inch ledge during a Scout hike and being lost in a blizzard for a while; even though nothing really bad happened, you feel as scared as he did then.

Jackie really grew up a lot over the course of the book. As he was growing up, he learned to overcome a lot of his childish fears, like of being scared of trains or crossing a bridge or of the dentist. It was also really interesting to read about how he had so much freedom to do whatever he wanted – after school, Jackie and his friends spent almost all of their time outside, and they did everything together – they were almost always with someone else – but not their parents! It was just Jackie and his friends, getting into a lot of mischief! Their town was pretty small, and everyone pretty much knew everyone else, and Jackie was very close to his family, especially to his brother Armie, who understood why Jackie would want to play with him and his friends and let him tag along. You get to know Jackie’s friends and family and feel like you are part of his town too. This book is easy to read and very entertaining. It’s fun to compare Jackie’s childhood to what my friends and I do. It sounds like it was a really fun childhood; I would have loved to live in that time!

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Author John Tammela
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 327 pages
Publisher Acorn Independent Press
Publish Date 30-Mar-2015
ISBN 9781909121911
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Issue September 2015
Category Biographies & Memoirs


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