I (Don’t) Like Snakes

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There was a girl who didn’t like snakes. But her family loved snakes! They had a lot of snakes for pets! One day the girl said, “I really, really, really don’t like snakes!” Her family asked her why. She said she didn’t like the way they slither. But her family told her they have to slither, and they can climb, and swim, and some can even fly! Then the girl said she didn’t like snakes’ slimy skin. But her family told her that snakes aren’t slimy. Then every time she said something she didn’t like about snakes, her family told her why a snake was like that, and she thought that was neat. Then she found out something about them herself. So then she decided she really did like snakes after all!

I like the pictures, and I love to look at snakes. It was really fun to learn about them because they are very interesting. I liked how you could learn about the snakes while you were reading the story about the girl. I also liked how the girl changed her mind that first she didn’t like snakes, but then she did when she found out more about them.

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Author Nicola Davies, Luciano Lozano, Illustrator
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Candlewick
Publish Date 08-Sep-2015
ISBN 9780763678319
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Issue November 2015
Category Children's


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